Today is September 30th and it is SNOWING outside my window. In memory of warmer days, I decided this long overdue Hawaiian elopement should FINALLY grace the blog tonight.

Britt and I worked together back in college and unfortunately haven’t lived in the same town since. When she told me she was going to spend a month on the island of Oahu, I obviously bought a plane ticket and booked a first class seat on her airbnb couch. A few weeks before her flight, Britt called me and said “What if I got married while we’re in Hawaii?”. I obviously had a slight heart attack and told her that it was the best idea I’ve ever heard. Thankfully for both of us her fiance was willing to go along with our plan.

That misty morning, with a wedding dress ordered from Amazon and last minute flowers from Chinatown, my best friend was the most beautiful bride. From the handwritten notes to her closest family in attendance, every part of the day was meaningful.

This elopement is the perfect example to show that a fancy venue, an expensive dress, the trendiest cake, and a large guest list aren’t what make a beautiful wedding day. The love between two people, sharing their day with those most important to them is all you truly need♥