Hey friends, I'm still here! Busy season is in full force and sadly blogging is the last thing on my mind. One of my good photographer friends gave me the advice to flag photos to blog as I'm editing so I don't have to find/waste time later to mark favorites. I tried it, and WOOHOO here's a blog for ya! Hopefully I'll catch up on summer sessions at some point ;)

When Andrea and Seth reached out to me, they had already taken engagement photos and just wanted some in ND to remember their time here. I actually LOVE when that happens because then the pressure is off of me. After about 5 minutes of exploring, and me asking my usual dumb questions, I knew these two were a match made in heaven. They have the cutest love story and an amazing future ahead of them. When I left the park at the end of the night, I felt like I had just spent an hour with friends rather than strangers. Enjoy these lovebirds!