Winter is my slow season.. Who really wants to stand outside when its -10 degrees out? Definitely not me. Recent life events, along with this years freezing cold slow season, has left me feeling super uninspired lately.

Last month I decided to change that. I hit up my go-to hair and make-up artist and an amazing local florist I've been dying to work with, and we started scheming a shoot for Valentine's weekend. I anxiously awaited to see what kind of magic Kelsey (Crabapple) and Jessica (Glance) would create, and I definitely wasn't disappointed when the day finally came. These two are absolute must haves for you wedding day! Although we have a major shortage of mountains, canyons, desert, etc., I'm excited to have found these two new locations and add them into my rotation. 

Now onto this sweet couple.. Jess & Houston are some of my closest friends and I literally jumped for joy when the agreed to be apart of this shoot. They were married last summer and I can 100% say I cried like a baby while standing up on the alter with them. These two are basically super humans and put the rest of us to shame. Jess is kind, nurturing, always dresses to kill (like she could go from kayaking to clubbing in two seconds), sensitive, yet fierce, and quite possibly the strongest woman I've ever met. Houston is funny, the ultimate protector, and has a quiet strength about him (like he could probably flip a car to save a child, but would never tell anyone he did it). He basically reminds me of an old school sitcom dad, or superman, or both. On top of all of that, they're model-status hotties and spend their date nights lifting weights. I'VE TYPED THIS 18 TIMES AND I'M STILL NOT DOING THEM JUSTICE. (sometimes I type in caps to yell at myself and then delete it, but I feel like you guys needed to know this) Together they're an unstoppable, stronger as a whole, than two halves. I have no doubt they can conquer anything the world throws at them, all while being their humble selves. The love these two have for each other is inspiring and I couldn't be happier to witness it grow.

Also, I didn't realize how obsessed I was with these two until I started typing this. Your creep-ometers are probably off the charts, whoops:)

Hair & Make-Up: Jessica at Glance Spa & Salon
Floral Crown: Kelsey at Crabapple Floral
Photography: Kylene Fitzsimmons (duh!)