I was so excited to be able to capture this awesome couple's engagement! It was the first proposal I've shot, and unless you count Twins games, the first proposal I've seen in person! Brennen and Casie are my good friends, so the pressure was on big time. The plan was for me to ask Casie if her and Brennen would model for me so I could try out my new camera (I WISH). I actually do this to my friends all the time, so it was pretty easy on my part. Let me tell you, I was SHAKING with nervousness when they pulled up to the park we had decided to meet at. I honestly tried not to speak, because my nervous speaking turns into jibberish and then she would definitely know something was up. I put them in a few poses, and then when the time was right (which was pretty quick because it was 20 degrees out) I told them to stand back to back. How awesome is it that that pose was all Brennen's idea! Then BAM, two people were engaged :) So excited for you two & I can't wait for the wedding!