Anton (my roommate/lover/dog dad) met Josh a few years back when Anton's best friend, Blaze, invited him on a road trip to Valley City to celebrate his friend's 21st birthday. Anton, who is always up for anything even if it's the middle of the week, of course said yes and off they went. They met up with Josh and after raging their little hearts out, they ended up staying in a hotel room with Josh's dad (it sounds awkward, but Josh's dad is actually really cool). The next morning, they headed back to Bismarck and Blaze's car broke down. They were stranded and Anton ended up being late for work. Josh & Anton have been friends ever since, so of course that means I get the better end of the deal and get to hang out with Josh's gorgeous wife, Jacey, whenever we meet up.

These two are the epitome of "couple goals". They have been married now for almost three years and every time I see them, they seem as though they were just married yesterday. I had the chance to venture to Beulah a couple weeks ago and had so much fun wandering around with these two! Did I mention I love when my clients bring their dogs!? (especially when they're rottweilers) Here are a few of my favorites from their session:)