hey there!

I'm Kylene Fitzsimmons. I live in North Dakota and I just really love weddings. 

I am a non-traditional, passionate photographer. When I say non-traditional, I mean I'm not looking for stiff poses. I want to capture the emotional, fun, genuine moments throughout your big day. Your love inspires me, I can't wait to document your story! Destination, unique venues, and outdoor weddings make my world go 'round. Seriously. I'm OBSESSED with traveling and offer custom quotes! I also offer lifestyle, portrait, and commercial sessions.

Whether it's an in-home family session, wedding, engagement, whatever... my goal is to tell your story with passionate, genuine, and just plain rad photos that reflect your relationship.

I am also a skilled designer, with over seven years of experience. Small business branding + wedding suites are my jam. Design is incorporated into a majority of my packages. I also offer website design!

When my head isn't engulfed in a computer screen and I'm not leading clients on photo adventures, I'm probably on the lake, wedding planning (I'm getting married in August!), spending time with my fiance and family, or snuggling our pups.


fun facts about me:

I have the taste buds of a ten year old.

I love living a healthy lifestyle, both mind and body! You can find me at the gym nearly everyday. If you see me, come say hi!

I read/listen to lots of self-improvement books and podcasts. It started out with business strategies, but recently I've been drawn to topics affecting my personal life as well! 

If you ever need a snowboarding buddy, I'm your girl. I don't do jumps or anything cool, but I can hold my own (unless I'm snapchatting, then I'm for sure eating snow).

With the exception of a month in NYC, I've lived in North Dakota my entire life. I currently live in New town but take bookings in Bismarck a few times a month. There are no travel fees for New Town or Bismarck!

I'm obsessed with traveling (just incase you didn't notice the first two times I mentioned it). My dream wedding locations would be Greece, Australia, Thailand, Italy.. I could go on but I'll spare you :)


photo credit: Lydia Nicholson, Two Pines Photography